How to Use Liquid Glass on Wood & MDF

Learn how to use liquid glass to create a crystal clear shiny surface on wood & MDF projects such as ornaments, keychains & wood signs.

How to Use Liquid Glass on Wood & MDF

Have you ever seen a wooden ornament or keychain with a shine so clear, it looked like glass? Maybe you've wondered how it's done or even thought about trying it yourself. Look no further, because we have you covered! In this article, we'll walk you through the process of using liquid glass to create a unique 3D effect on wood and MDF.

How to Use Liquid Glass on Wood & MDF Tutorial

Before you jump into applying liquid glass to your wood or MDF surface, it's important to prep the surface. 

How to Use Liquid Glass on Wood & MDF by So Very Graphic

Prepare the Surface for Liquid Glass

To achieve a flawless 3D effect on wood with liquid glass, preparing the surface is crucial. 

Ideally, the wood should be clean, dry, and free of any bumps or blemishes. Sanding the surface of the wood can help to achieve a smooth finish and ensure that the liquid glass adheres properly. Here's my favorite orbital sander.

After cutting, scoring & quickly sanding the Retro Wavy Zodiac Ornaments with our Aeon Mira 9 laser, it is time to paint the ornaments.

I use these brush pens for a soft even color on MDF. 

How to Use Liquid Glass on Wood & MDF So Very Graphic Designs h

MDF works well with liquid glass. I used paint pens to color in our Retro Wavy Zodiac Ornament designs look fabulous with the shine & dimension of liquid glass.

How to Use Liquid Glass on Wood & MDF Laser Cut Shapes

On wood surfaces, I use these paint pens for silver and these paint pens for bright vibrant colors.

How to Use Liquid Glass on Wood Laser Cut Shapes

With the surface properly prepared, you'll be able to apply the liquid glass with ease and create a stunning 3D effect on wood.

Applying the Liquid Glass Epoxy Resin

Once the surface is smooth, it's important to protect the surrounding area from any potential spills or drips. Cover your work surface to prevent the liquid glass from ruining your workspace. 

I use these bottles with a needle tip to apply the liquid glass slowly and evenly. You want to apply it along the edges of the design within the score lines and push it along with the tip to get an even coat. Don't overdo it. It doesn't need much to cover an ornament. Be sure to smooth out any bubbles or uneven areas using the needle tip. 

How to Use Liquid Glass on Laser Cut Ornaments

After you have applied the liquid glass, wait for it to dry. This will usually take around 24 hours, depending on the manufacturer's instructions. Try not to move it around much because the liquid glass will run (trust me, I learned this lesson more than once!)

How to Use Liquid Glass on Wood and MDF Shapes

Once the first layer has dried, you can apply a second layer of liquid glass to create a thicker, more durable finish. Remember to apply it evenly and smooth out any bubbles or bumps.

Liquid Glass on MDF Laser Cut Shapes for Glass Like Finish

Liquid glass is a fantastic option for creating a unique and beautiful 3D effect on wood. Whether you're making an ornament, keychain, wooden sign, or a picture frame, liquid glass will provide depth and dimension that will make your project stand out.

Liquid Glass Makes Super Shiny Accents on Wood & MDF

Remember, with a little bit of creativity and patience, the possibilities are endless.

So gather these materials and let your imagination soar, because you never know what masterpiece you might create:

You can grab the Retro Wavy Zodiac Ornament Bundle here.

Retro Zodiac Ornament Laser Cut File Bundle from So Very Graphic Designs

As Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." Don't let the problem get the best of you, try this technique and let your inner artist shine.

How to Use Liquid Glass with Wood & MDF

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